Monday, June 29, 2009

RVing Resources

I've gone from knowing next to nothing about RVs to learning quite a lot this past weekend. I had no idea there were so many RVing resources out there! Here are a few I've found so far:

Classic Adventures RV - our local dealership that helped us catch the RVing bug!

RV Tips on Twitter

RV Bookstore

RV Trade Digest

49 ways to save money on the road

Do you have additional RV resources you can share? (Please note, I'm not looking for any additional RV dealerships as I want to support my local dealership with this blog, but rather RVing resources and tips to help newbies like me learn how to make the best out of the RV lifestyle.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Vacation...

We haven’t taken one in over two years. My health has been a huge factor as extended (or even not-so-extended) car trips are physically taxing on my body due to chronic illness. And air travel is too costly for a family of five. There are many places we would love to visit, but like everyone else, we are mindful of the economy and know that even if we can find a way to our destination, we will still face lodging expenses on the other side. So, beyond the simple “stay-cation” concept, is there any realistic way for our family to enjoy a memorable summer trip together?

When watching the evening news last night we realized that RV rental might be a great solution for our family travel plans! Because we would have the freedom of a “home on wheels” the travel part sounds much more doable both for my physical limitations and our budget restrictions. No need for extensive packing and unpacking as we lug suitcases in and out of expensive hotel rooms! No grumpy-from-hunger fussy kids due to waiting for overpriced (and often high-fat, lower-nutrition) restaurant meals or junky fast food.

My hubby likes to drive but gets easily frustrated with “kid noise” in our minivan. RVing would mean he could be up front and happy behind the wheel while the rest of us could enjoy family interaction farther back in the vehicle, not strapped in like ducks in a row, but able to read and play together without being a safety distraction to Dad.

RV vacationing is sounding more and more attractive by the moment. So I’m entering this blogging contest at Classic Adventures RV and will keep you posted if we take to the road in an RV later this summer! :)